Fealla-dhà Fealla-dhà
The complete Fealla-dhà (2010)
The Bänt the Bänt
Weekend session with our friends, the Eirisch Koffie Bänt
St Pat St. Pat
St Patrick's Day always provides a great occasion for dancing
Sembach Sembach
Advent session for elderly citizens in Sembach - many thanks for letting us use the gym for a practice weekend!
Charity ball Charity ball
Time to go home at the charity ball: our "Charwomen Warriors" (October 2009)
Merchweiler Merchweiler
"Festival for the Best" in Merchweiler (2010)
Street festival City centre
For a good cause we'll also perform at street festivals - supporting the Eliya Kinderheim e.V. (2010)
Ladenburg Ladenburg
Almost feels like flying: Irish night in Ladenburg (July 2010)
Ladenburg Ladenburg
Steffi's Slip Jig in Ladenburg (July 2010)
Edith-Stein-Haus Edith-Stein-Haus
Charity event with the Stringband supporting the Parkinson-Gesellschaft ( October 2010)
St Hedwig St. Hedwig
Irish afternoon at St Hedwig (December 2010)

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